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Creativity Cubed
The grand designs of the Cubed Community freebuild server

免费建筑服务器Cubed Community的宏伟建筑设计

Cubed Community is a freebuild server with over 5000 members from all around the globe. Its aim: to build together as one, making light work of massive, meticulously-realised cities, each informed by real urban planning methods. Well, comparatively light work anyway - their ongoing modern city project, Westpoint, has been in the works since 2014. Rather gloriously rendered above by Droolie, Westpoint’s world file is currently a 5GB download - and growing.

Cubed Community是一个免费的服务器,拥有来自全球各地的5000多名玩家。这个服务器的主旨是:一起建筑,以小工作量建造巨大而精致的城市,其建筑规划依据真实规划案例进行。相对来说比较小的作品是他们从2014年起开始建造的现代城市项目Westpoint,其中有幸参与图片渲染的是Droolie。现在Westpoint的地图文件大小已经达到了5GB,而且这个数字还在继续扩大。

I had a chat with Cubed Community owner Adam "Aequotis" Berry about marshalling such massive multiplayer talent and his love for urban design. Adam describes himself as “a bit of a city freak” - an obsession that many on the server share.

我和Cubed Community的所有者Adam “Aequotis” Berry聊了一会,谈到了他编组大型服务器的才能和他对城市设计的喜爱。Adam将自己描述为“一个城市狂”——其喜爱程度甚至比服务器要深。

"There are quite a few of us on the team who have an education in geography and cartography, so we normally pull upon from that," says Adam. The server tends to gravitate towards European cities, because of their more organic structure, and layered architectural history. To some extent, this goes against Minecraft’s strengths - the higgledy-piggledy growth of European cities doesn’t fit neatly into a grid. But it’s exactly that which appeals.


"It’s an extremely attractive prospect to make things fluid," says Adam, “to work through a time period. So even with modern cities what we’d do is give it a little bit of a lore, some background and say, ‘This city was started in the 17th Century, so it’s not going to be organised on a grid system, it’s going to be much more fluid.'"



French cities are a particular favourite - "They’re just absolutely beautiful," says Adam – and that’s born out in the server’s La Saint-Victoire City project, heavily inspired by Paris’s 19th century architecture and rendered above by Crankerman. Westpoint, meanwhile, is more of an amalgam, a "love-child project" that compiles all of the members interests into a shining modern city. Cubed Community are soon to embark on Isona, a city inspired by Spain.

法国城市是Adam最喜欢的——“他们就只是漂亮而已。”Adam说道。服务器的La Saint-Victoire城市在Crankerman的渲染上可以看出它很大程度上受到了19世纪巴黎建筑的影响。与此同时Westpoint更多像是一个混合后的产物,这是一个“私生子项目”,它汇集了所有成员的想法,然后变成了一座闪亮的现代城市。Cubed Community很快就要开始建造Isona,一座受西班牙启发的城市。

"Normally old-style cities are more built up," explains Adam, comparing the approaches to modern and old. “Old cities are cluttered with small roads, lots of little tiny bridges, lots of greenery. Then in comparison the modern cities are very open, well-spaced, with extremely tall high-rise skyscrapers. They’re very structured – with residential districts, districts of skyscrapers, districts of say, gardens and parks.”


But before the first brick-block is laid, however, the landscape is designed, and that then informs the shape of the city. It’s part of what makes Cubed Community’s projects such credible spaces - the way that they acknowledge the sorts of real world constraints on cities: an awkwardly placed river, a stubbornly obstructive mountain.

但是,在铺设第一块砖前,最先设计出来的是自然景观,这样就把城市的形状确定了下来。这是让Cubed Community的作品有充足空间的一部分——他们使用了现实世界中限制城市东西:一条曲折流动的河流和一座挡道的山。


The cathedral in central La Saint Victoire is more than a little reminiscent of Notre Dame.
位于cathedral in中心的大教堂让人想起了圣母玛利亚。


Like Paris, La Saint Victoire has to deal with the logistical challenge of a major river.
和巴黎一样,La Saint 的政府必须应对一条大河带来的规划挑战。


The dense streets and wide boulevards of La Saint Victoire, as captured by SamangaBT.
SamangaBT捕捉到了La Saint Victoire的密集街道和宽阔的林荫大道。

"We look at the landscape and we think – if we build a bridge here, what’s going to have to be around that bridge? And if there’s going to be a bridge, what type of bridge? Does it need to be for traffic, does it need to be for people? And if there’s a mountain, does it make more sense for the road to go around the mountain or through it? We decide what looks prettiest and what is the most functional."


The most critical thing to get right is the road network - it's around these arteries that the rest of the city’s infrastructure is organised.


“Once the roads are done we start with the actual buildings,” says Adam. “Perhaps it’s got to have a certain architectural style, or it’s set in a certain period, so you’ll have certain kinds of cars on the road, and particular kinds of infrastructure should be present. Then we spread out from a central point and keep building and building and building upon it. With Westpoint, we’ve now got a full working infrastructure, we’ve got roads, we’ve got tunnels, we’ve got building interiors, we’ve got tram-lines – all things that you’d see in a normal city.”



his shot by Droolie shows just how precisely considered the infrastructure of Westpoint is.

To speed things along, the server supports third-party creation tools like WorldEdit and Voxel Sniper, and builders can plunder an archive of pre-fabricated assets - trees, cars and bits of street furniture - to add detail relatively quickly.

为加快建造速度,服务器支持第三方的建造工具,比如WorldEdit和Voxel Sniper;建筑师们也可以使用预制好的模板——比如树木、汽车和少量街道装饰,这样可以较快速地添加细节。

But how do they organise such an endeavour?


"These cities can sometimes be twenty miles in diameter, so trying to get all the people working together and knowing what they’ve got to do and making sure that everything’s done is a challenge,” says Adam. “We have people who apply who then become builders, then we have supervisors and administrators to give the work to the builders, lay things out and plot things, moderate it – it’s all very well planned and structured."



All renders in this carousel are by Headshotwar - and really show the diversity of Westpoint.


The surprising majesty of Forest Cove’s fancypants ferry terminal and coastguard station.
Forest Cove的fancypants渡轮码头和海岸警卫队的宏伟令人惊讶。


The historic settlement of Luscante also features strikingly modern mansions.


Away from the bustle of the city centre, you can find the grand Castell Del Bosc.
远离城市中心的喧嚣,你可以在郊外找到Castell Del Bosc。


Contrasting its modern beachfront, Westpoint’s hillsides conceal much older buildings.


Westpoint’s spawnpoint and central plaza make a grand introduction to the city.

But structure doesn’t mean being ruthlessly strict. Quite the opposite, in fact. "Sometimes if we’ve got a builder who’s not doing as well as everyone else, we normally take them out for discussion and then work on developing their skills – so we teach them, show them how to build, show them different styles and just mentor some of them."


Adam calls Cubed Community a family - and it’s hard to imagine how such large projects could get off the ground without that sense of a shared, friendly purpose. What could be more in the spirit of Minecraft than that?

Adam把Cubed Community当成了家庭——很难想象这样的一个大型作品会在没有这样共同而友好的目的下建造出来。在Minecraft里,还有什么比这更能让我更有精神呢?

原文作者:Marsh Davies


来自群组: IntelliGence Group


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