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[搬运][1.6~1.8]Conquest_ Resource Pack中世纪资源包

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http://www.ravand.org/Forum/screen.jpg http://www.ravand.org/Forum/screen1.jpg http://api.viglink.com/api/click?format=go&jsonp=vglnk_jsonp_13954960471747&key=f6c9fb1ffe086e69e7ff5c6a722caf4c&loc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.resource-packs.org%2Fconquest_%2F&v=1&libId=b9c48589-6df4-494a-a5da-c29b2af27f6a&out=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ravand.org%2FForum%2Fscreen3.jpg&ref=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.baidu.com%2Flink%3Furl%3DO-sccao5K_QuGiiVjqoHGysmKqKiIDSEjvEJ6SxJxf-NEYPSZed-vsxhclLDgQYHpda9G-jYLNGRBMIEYA1xNq%26wd%3DConquest%2520Resource%2520Pack%26%26issp%3D1%26%26ie%3Dutf-8%26tn%3Dbaiduhome_pg%26%26%26%26%26inputT%3D3&title=Conquest%20Texture%20Pack%20-%20Resource%20Packs&txt=%3Cimg%20alt%3D%22Posted%20Image%22%20src%3D%22http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ravand.org%2FForum%2Fscreen3.jpg%22%3E http://www.ravand.org/Forum/screen6.jpghttp://www.ravand.org/Forum/screen8.jpg http://www.ravand.org/Forum/screen9.jpg http://www.ravand.org/Forum/screen10.jpg http://www.ravand.org/Forum/screen12.jpg


下载地址: For 1.6                         http://www.ravand.org/Forum/buttonad.png                                 And For 1.7       http://www.ravand.org/Forum/buttonad.pngFor 1.7 And For 1.8 度盘 密码:ksij   http://www.ravand.org/Forum/buttonad.png
               AndFor 1.8         http://www.ravand.org/Forum/buttonad.png                     And For 1.8 Add-on                      http://www.ravand.org/Forum/buttonad.png
                         And For All 1.8(包括扩展包哦)

本资源包为32X,需要安装高清修复OptFine或Mcpatcher HD,安装教程详见→点我and点我本资源包的贴吧相关介绍及下载链接(1.8)→点我
本资源包的原帖相关介绍及下载链接→点我 and 点我←(1.8的扩展包,即上文中的Add-on)本资源包兼容新版本以下的旧版本(如1.8兼容1.7、1.6的各版本,想下载1.7又无法打开adfoc.us的可以直接下载1.8)本贴中部分的资料引自其它网站,如有抄袭嫌疑请联系指出,如有删除需求会尽力配合,敬请见谅(论坛友情链接→点我)本贴中所有的adfoc.us类的下载地址均为作者原帖地址(即非本人盈利性地址,其经济收益归原作者所有)http://img.minecraftxz.com/upload/images/SC0J.jpg←原作者链接的下载方式如果还有其他未指出的疑问敬请翻阅帖中疑问答疑的回复,可能会有你想要的答案哦~在论坛下载完就走的伸手党行为是一种极不文明的行为哦
Update (V.8.2)

[*]added biomespecific trapdoors (wheels) vertical ones places on either top or bottom show specific texture lying ones are random
[*]added various 3dmodels from jugbots 1.8 addonpack including iron/darkoak door ladder rails daisy
Update (V.8.1)

[*]added 1.8 3d models for leaves (betterleaves)
[*]added 1.8 3d models for saplings (with growstages)
[*]added biomespecific cakes
[*]changed net texture (cobweb)
[*]changed crystal texture (ice:4)
[*]new 1:4 top texture
[*]new sapling textures for spruce and birch
Update (V.8.0)
[*]added redsandstonestuff
[*]changed some of the default textures to represent the ctm versions of it
Update (V.7.9)
[*]added most of the new 1.8 snapshot textures (doors mobs etc.)
[*]added new biomecolored ice metadata crystal (ice:3)
[*]added goldcoins biomedepend gold pressureplate
[*]added apple flowerpot biome version for cannonball (140:13 forests)
[*]added biomeversion for snowlayers (desert)
Update (V.7.8)
[*]retouchesd the shapes of iron gold and diamondswords a bit

[*]added some of the new banner textures for the snapshot
[*]added transparent packed ice (ice:2)
[*]added icebricks (metadata ice:3)
Update (V.7.8)
[*]updated needle podzol
[*]added bimeversion for detectorrails (forest)
[*]added remaining biometextures for dropper and dispenser
Update (V.7.7)
[*]new biome version for podzol (pineneedles) cold biomes
[*]forgot to mention new biome versions for rails in the last update(rope and chain)
[*]animated the hanging cloth ironbars
[*]enviroslabs work upsidedown now too
Update (V.7.6)
[*]new hanging cloth metadata (101:10)
[*]new biomespecific hopper (forestbiomes)
[*]new biomespecific anvils (sky =quarz, jungle = stone)
Update (V.7.5)
[*]new snow texture

[*]new enderman texture
[*]new biomespecific furnace (extremehills...)
[*]new biomespecific ladders (ocean river....)
Update (V.7.4)
[*]changed 3:1 to be a dirtpath with grassborder
[*]added wicker fence (101:9)
[*]some small fixes for mossybrckstone
Update (V.7.3)
[*]changed ironaxe item
[*]fixed goldblock

[*]edited colors of the tulpits to be less bright
Update (V.7.2)
[*]new grasstop texture
[*]changed orange stained clay
[*]added biomeversions of netherbrick fences/walls for asia biomes
Update (V.7.1)
[*]new metadata hanging food for ironbars (101:8 biomespecific too)
[*]added meat variations to hanging cobweb metadata (cold biomes)
[*]added pink lilipad flowers
[*]added biomespecific version for lilypads (floating ice cold biomes duh :P)
[*]new biomespecific version for birchleaves willow leaves(swamps)
[*]fixed spurceleavessides not beeing transparent
[*]new mushrooms!
[*]new oakplanks
Update (V.7.0)
[*]new metadata Weaponsrack one/twohanded weapons

[*]changed cobwebrope to be thinner
[*]changed light gravel to be more fancy
[*]changed grass sidetexture
[*]changed water texture to be more seethrough
[*]fixed a crashbug with tallgrass
[*]fixed some biomecoloringrelated things
Update (V.6.9)
[*]new biomespecific hanging stuff (sacks=> extremehills...)
[*]tweaked auum colors for leaves
[*]fixed glasspane issues
[*]edited the rain texture
Update (V.6.8)
[*]new flowerpot metadata (140:15) cookingpot
[*]new cobweb metadata (30:1) standing wine bottle
[*]new pressureplate metadata (70:5) food plate (also biomespeciffic)
[*]new biomespecific lightgray glass (birchforest and icemountains) fog
[*]new paintings (banner)
[*]new paintings (castle)
[*]new paintings (kitchenequipment)
[*]new paintings (knives)
[*]biomecolors for leaves in extremehills (autum)

[*]new quarz texture (block)
Update (V.6.7)
[*]new coral metadata (19:1-3)

[*]new thin ice metadata (79:1)
[*]new biomespecific gravel (birchforest and icemountains)
Update (V.6.6)

[*]new book icons

[*]new book&quill icons

[*]writtenbooks icon

[*]enchanted books icon

[*]new yellow dye icon

[*]new potion icon

[*]new splashpotion icon

[*]new cauldron icon

[*]new green dye icon

[*]updated soulsandmetadta=2 to be more usable
Update (V.6.5)

[*]new sponge

[*]new coral (sponge:1)

[*]new antmetadata (88:2)

[*]new leatheritemcolor

[*]new letherarmorhelmet

[*]updated 4:1 and 48:2 to new cobblestone (partly)

[*]new defaultdoor

[*]change chainmail color new biomespecific barrel (cauldron)

[*]changed darksmoke color a bit

[*]added more colorful books to bookshelf

[*]fixed mossystonebricktop

[*]changed watercolorbit (more contrast|darker)
Update (V.6.4)

[*]new icycles biome version moss

[*]new icycles biome version stalacnite

[*]new slimeball

[*]new lether

[*]new endereye

[*]new cranhook biomeversion

[*]new podzol

[*]changed yellow wool

[*]new rain (test)
Update (V.6.3)

[*]changed ironring (painting)

[*]changed lightgrey stained clay

[*]new painting icon

[*]new custom sounds

[*]updated blue wool colors

[*]updated haybale
Update (V.6.2)

[*]changed appleleaves

[*]added vine/grapeleaves as a biomeversion of cherryleaves (donated by mogwai)

[*]moved cherryleaves to only birch relateted biomes (asianbiome)

[*]changed ropetexture colorwise (donated by mogwai)

[*]changed chain texture to be a bit darker

[*]made firefies be visible in optifine

[*]changed cranehook a bit

[*]new netherward item

[*]new ghasttear item (animated)
Update (V.6.1)
[*]changed birchplanks side and top texture

[*]new cobblestone

[*]new cobblestonestairs

[*]readded redbricks in birchforstbiomes

[*]readded red acaciaplanks in birchforests
Update (V.6.0)

[*]changed birchplanks side and top texture

[*]fixed lapislazuli tiling

[*]changed brick color to be less red

[*]new obsidian

[*]new horizontal gold ctm with animation

[*]change chisled sandstone

[*]added treeholes to oaklogs

[*]changed acaciaplanks

[*]added new sidetexture for chisled quarz
Update (V.5.9)

[*]new appletreeleaves (161:3/7/15)

[*]ironfence got a rework (spiky uhh)

[*]3 new ironfences (101:3-5)

[*]new melon item

[*]new glistering melon item

[*]new cookie item

[*]fixed color of sandstonepillars

最重要的一部分莫过于Conquest 1.8 update 更新了大量的CTM材质

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是吗...., 这是1.7.x版的哦 我在http://www.minecraftforum.net/to ... wip-weekly-updates/上看到的就下下来了,一开始是为了配个光影整合包,感觉还不错,就发个帖分享的{:10_492:},在发之前我已经搜索过了,只有1个帖子是1.6.4的{:10_492:},要看过的话也是正常的啦

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是吗,我在http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1452033-174-32x32-conquest-wip-weekly-updates ...


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至今没用过1.7.4之后的版本{:673:} 平时也没时间玩 若要更新1.7.5/1.7.6的倒也可以{:10_492:}

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至今没用过1.7.4之后的版本 平时也没时间玩 若要更新1.7.5/1.7.6的倒也可以 ...


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