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光线追踪登陆 Windows 10 版 Minecraft!

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NEWSMinecraft with ray tracing on Windows 10 launch today
光线追踪登陆 Windows 10 版 Minecraft!

Get ready for a lighting show!

I’ve always loved a good spotlight. The warmth! The adoration! The chance to bask in the glory of success light to keep my attention-craving diva personality in check. However, there are things I’m willing to give up for even brighter experiences, so today, I’m throwing the spotlight out of the window (Oi oi, watch out below!) in favor of the best video game lighting that technology has to offer.
We’re excited to officially launch ray tracing on Minecraft for Windows 10, powered by NVIDIA and Minecraft's Render Dragon technology! Players will now be able to experience Minecraft in a new light (sorry) with brightened blocks, emissive pixels, water reflections, accurately cast shadows, and rich global illumination. But why have me explain it with fancy words when you can watch a video with pretty pictures?
我们很激动地宣布,光线追踪技术已经登陆到了 Windows 10 版 Minecraft!归功于英伟达和 Minecraft 的渲染龙(Render Dragon)技术,玩家们现在可以“光”明正大地体验光线追踪,明亮的方块,发光的像素,水反,精确投射阴影,以及丰富的全局照明。 但我其实用不着这么花里胡哨地介绍这些玩意,因为你们只需要看看这个视频就可以了!看看这些图片,这光,这水!

Now, to experience Minecraft with ray tracing on Windows 10, you must first have a ray tracing capable GPU, for example, a GeForce RTX 2060 GPU or better . Players who install Minecraft ray tracing will by default see everything enhanced with a special physically based rendering texture pack, which interplays with the ray-traced effects to further enhance the experience. There are plenty of maps and worlds with this feature – all available on the Minecraft Marketplace .
当然了,如果你想在 Windows 10 上体验光线追踪,你首先得有一块支持光追的显卡,比如,GeForce RTX 2060 GPU 或者更好的。安装了光线追踪版 Minecraft 的玩家,看到的所有东西都默认被一个特殊的、基于物理的渲染材质包所强化,该材质包与光线追踪效果相互影响,进一步增强了光追体验。有好多地图和世界都有该特性——尽在 Minecraft 市场。
You can also create your own ray tracing worlds with physically based rendered texture packs (PBRs). Sounds complex? Don’t worry! NVIDIA has created a great starter pack and helpful guide that explains it on a level that even a caveman like me can understand. A perfect opportunity to turn my hideous dirt houses into extravagant eco-lodges!
你也可以用基于物理的渲染材质包(physically based rendered texture packs,PBRs)创造自己的光追世界。听上去太复杂了?别担心!英伟达做了很棒的 入门包和指南 用以解释其原理,我这样的原始人都能理解。我的火柴盒马上就要变成豪华建筑了!

A good thing to keep in mind is that ray tracing-supported maps and worlds doesn't affect gameplay mechanics or the way Minecraft works, so you can still play together with anyone using a Bedrock version of Minecraft. Players without ray tracing-capable hardware will see Minecraft’s standard visuals – which means they’ll see my dirt h… er, lodges... for what they truly are. Good thing I only accept ratings from ray tracing players!
还有个好事希望你能记住,支持光线追踪的地图和世界并不影响游戏机制,所以你仍然可以和其他基岩版玩家一起玩。没有光追的玩家眼里的 Minecraft 和原来一样——别,别看我的火柴盒!不行,我只和有光追的人玩……
There’s more! After all, what would a luxurious lighting launch be without some sort of dazzling multiplayer content to dive into? The release comes with two new free worlds – Colosseum RTX (available now) and Dungeon Dash RTX (coming soon). You can download both from the Minecraft Marketplace .
还有呢!毕竟,如果没有什么令人目不暇接的多人内容,光芒四射的发布会呢就无从谈起了!此次发布的版本包含了两个新的免费世界——Colosseum RTX(现已可用)和 Dungeon Dash RTX(即将上线)。都可以在 Minecraft 市场 中下载。

Colosseum RTX
斗兽场 RTX

Creator: BANV

Pack type: World

Colosseum RTX is a world that takes you to the historical Colosseum in its glory days during the Roman Empire. Here you can explore beautiful views, collect historical trivia, or look for all the hidden locations spread across the area. And if you don’t want to marvel at the scale and engineering genius, there’s always the arena, where you can fight in with up to three friends!
斗兽场 RTX 会把你带回到罗马帝国时期的斗兽场,彼时罗马帝国正处辉煌。你可以在这里探索美景,收集历史,或寻找分布在全图的隐藏地点。如果你不想沉浸于这些的话,这里还有竞技场,可容最多四人混战!https://www.minecraft.net/content/dam/games/minecraft/screenshots/rtxlaunch-dungeon1.jpghttps://www.minecraft.net/content/dam/games/minecraft/screenshots/rtxlaunch-dungeon2.jpghttps://www.minecraft.net/content/dam/games/minecraft/screenshots/rtxlaunch-dungeon3.jpg

Coming soon:
Dungeon Dash RTX
地牢冲刺 RTX

Creator: BlockWorks

Pack type: World
包类型:世界Dungeon Dash is laden with action! Fight your way through a series of increasingly challenging dungeons nestled in a beautiful ray-traced medieval countryside. Conquer up to ten dungeons in unique biomes, featuring locations such as a village built up in the trees, floating islands in the sky, and a mysterious mine.

Lights, camera, action!

Minecraft ray tracing on Windows 10 is out now, bringing with it so much content to explore! To learn more about the features included and how you can experience it, visit minecraft.net/updates/ray-tracing .
光线追踪正式登陆 Windows 10 版 Minecraft,并带来了大量新内容!进一步了解该特性及如何体验,请访问 minecraft.net/updates/ray-tracing。https://www.minecraft.net/content/dam/archive/673fbce045729846ea80943491f2a4ab-PerAvatar.png

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