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Nathan Adams talks about the latest aquatic mob!
一起来听听Nathan Adams对这个新的海洋生物的看法吧!

The ocean of the overworld is a dark and ominous place of mystery, just waiting to be explored in the upcoming Update Aquatic. What untold horrors have the development team added to Minecraft’s depths? Sharks? Krakens? Enderwhales? Minecraft Java's Nathan Adams has the answer to their unique thinking.

水域更新中,主世界的海洋变成了一个黑暗而不祥的神秘之地,等待着玩家们前去探索。开发团队在Minecraft的深渊之中添加了什么不为人知的恐怖东西?鲨鱼?海妖?末影鲸吗?《我的世界》(Minecraft) Java的Nathan Adams给出了他们独特的思考方式。

“We wanted to add dolphins, just because they’re super cute.”

Wait... what? Super cute dolphins?!

“The very idea of dolphins just fits the theme of the update perfectly!” Nathan elaborates. “We’ve added so many hostile and adventurous things to the ocean that we also wanted to add something friendly as well. The dolphin was the obvious choice!”



As Lead Engineer on the Java Edition, Nathan has been heavily involved in the dolphin’s design (along with Jens, Agnes and particuarly Maria Lemón) for the upcoming Update Aquatic. Since its announcement at Minecon Earth last year, he and the Java team have been hard at work to design the dolphin as not just a unique animal in Minecraft, but also act as something of a guide to welcome players to a brand new world beneath the surface.

Maria Lemón一起),为即将到来的水域更新作准备。自从去年在Minecon Earth上发布这一消息以来,他和Java团队一直在努力设计着海豚。这不仅是Minecraft中独一无二的动物,它还可以成为欢迎玩家们来到海面下这一新世界的向导。

“I think the thing that they’re bringing right now is just a very friendly face underwater to show you that you’re not alone and that not everything is scary,” Nathan explains. “It’s nice to have something in the water that actually cares for you, and I think dolphins do a great job of showing this to the players.”


Social creatures of habit, dolphins can be found swimming together through the ocean in large groups. As they spot the player, they will try to interact with them, showing them just how highly intelligent and curious they are. Above all else – they are extremely playful!



“Dolphins want to swim with you or play with items that are floating around in the water. If you’re nearby, they’ll try and play with you, especially if you’re in a boat. Then they’ll will follow it, maybe pretend to be a boat themselves, or even jump over it – just to show off how playful they are.”


Ok, I’m convinced. Forget about terrifying monsters or lurking horrors. I want to hang with these guys!


“If they trust you, which they automatically do unless you upset them, they will treat you as one of their own and pretend you’re another dolphin,” Nathan explains. “With that in mind, they can flock with you and even give you a special speed boost, or even play ping pong with nearby items.”


The dolphin has undergone several iterations throughout development, sometimes with interesting results. One time they even turned against the developers themselves!



“When Maria [Lemón] was adding dolphins for the first time, and especially working on the jumping behaviour, she got really upset because they kept crashing into her boats,” says Nathan. “She thought they had it out for her, like they were just trying to get her out of the boat for some reason, and it was hilarious just watching her be frustrated with the dolphins!”

“当Maria [Lemón]第一次往游戏里加入海豚时,她对海豚,特别是在它们的跳跃行为上感到心烦意乱,因为它们一直撞到她的船。”Nathan说道,“她觉得它们是为她而生的,它们只是出于某种原因想把她从船上弄下来。看着她对海豚感到如此的失望真是太有意思了!”

So perhaps the dolphins aren’t as cheerful and happy-go-lucky as we’re led to believe? What if they are in fact way smarter than us humans? Telekinetic mind-readers just waiting for the right moment to take over the world? Were they even based on real life dolphins?


“We did a fair bit of research, actually,” Nathan assures me. “Where do dolphins actually live, what kind of behaviors do dolphins have, how social are they? What have the movies told us that is actually true versus just us repeating a lie?”



Implementing this research was a challenge, because of the dolphins’ habitat and natural conditions, which is different to practically every other animal in Minecraft.


“Most animals either have to be on land and if they go underwater, they die. Or they have to be in water and if they go on land they die,” says Nathan. Dolphins, however, need to spend some time both in water and occasionally need to surface for air. “They need oxygen and to be wet, which was a really weird thing for most mobs of Minecraft since dolphins are the first ones that need both.”


A dolphin’s trust is easily gained, but also easily lost. If you hurt or aggravate one, you will upset the entire community of dolphins within that area, and they’ll all have it out for you. Nathan has an easy solution for the problem.



“Just be nice to the dolphins! I think a lot of people just want to see what happens when you upset them, and that doesn’t end well. People try to catch the dolphins to tame them, but I don’t really think that’s ever going to work. Just let them be and be nice – they will help you if you help them!”


Ok, so not that scary then, but hear me out here; what about an Enderdolphin?


原文作者:Per landin



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